Monday, 13 October 2014

From Nags to Queens, There are Signs for Everything

Where would we be without signs?  They help us in everyday life, but they can also be rather fun!

Melrose is famous for its Abbey, so it comes as no surprise that they named
a street after it.
Most Border towns have their town crest on all
street names, as can be seen above on the right hand side.

This is the sign from the butchers in Lauder.

I find this sign fairly stands out.  Its on the main roadway
through Lauder.

I found this whilst out walking at 
Sorrowlessfield near Earlston.
This is a place I regularly walk, but have
never seen this before, or can find it since.
I'm sure there must be a story to this name, but as yet I've been
unable to come across anything.  This is in Jedburgh,
and some believe it may have been the name of an
Inn, of which there were apparently many in
Jedburgh in years gone by.

As can be seen in the picture, this hotel in Kelso, was
established in 1725, making it one of the
Scottish Borders oldest hotels.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Leafer Peeper Season

There is nothing better than on a crisp autumn day to go for a walk & kick up leaves.  Certainly takes me back to my childhood, walking through the park doing just that.  With the leaves starting to change, it gives a new look and vibrancy to the Border countryside.

This is taken in my garden, of a Japanese Maple tree.
Unfortunately the day after this was taken
the leaves all fell off.

There are woods near to where we live called
Speedies Wood.  I love the carpet of leaves here.

Just a week ago this field was still in crop.  Now its all
been harvested.  The hill behind is the Blackhill, near
to Earlston, where the annual Blackhill
Race is run.

Another taken from the garden.  The leaves have just started to change
colour, hence the difference shades you can see.

Whilst in the small village of Kirk Yetholm, I came across these bright
red apples.

Even on a dull day, the colours of the trees brighten the landscape up!

Bright red Rowan Tree in full bloom.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

From Cottages To Castles

The Scottish Borders has some amazing houses.  From small quaint cosy cottages, to big imposing mansions, the Scottish Borders has it all.  Many of these are set in the stunning countryside that the Scottish Borders offers.

Cowdenknowes house near to Earlston, is privately owned.
It sits nestled underneath the Blackhill and is surrounded by
amazing trees, which as the picture shows are just starting
to change colour.

The Clockhouse cottage is on the Cowdenknowes Estate.
It's a self catering property that is set away from the hustle
and bustle of everyday life where you can just relax
 in the beautiful countryside.

This manse can be found in the pretty little village of Linton.
It adjoins the church there.

Whilst wandering through the town of Kelso, I cam across
this cottage.  It was part of a row of cottages all with
cobbles to the front.

There are only a handful of thatched cottages in the
Scottish Borders, and this one can be found in the
village of Town Yetholm.

I have to say I am somewhat biased about this house.  Its the
Roxburghe Hotel and Golf Course, but the main hotel is just