Friday, 10 October 2014

Leafer Peeper Season

There is nothing better than on a crisp autumn day to go for a walk & kick up leaves.  Certainly takes me back to my childhood, walking through the park doing just that.  With the leaves starting to change, it gives a new look and vibrancy to the Border countryside.

This is taken in my garden, of a Japanese Maple tree.
Unfortunately the day after this was taken
the leaves all fell off.

There are woods near to where we live called
Speedies Wood.  I love the carpet of leaves here.

Just a week ago this field was still in crop.  Now its all
been harvested.  The hill behind is the Blackhill, near
to Earlston, where the annual Blackhill
Race is run.

Another taken from the garden.  The leaves have just started to change
colour, hence the difference shades you can see.

Whilst in the small village of Kirk Yetholm, I came across these bright
red apples.

Even on a dull day, the colours of the trees brighten the landscape up!

Bright red Rowan Tree in full bloom.

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  1. Stunning photographs of beautiful autumn colours. Who says it is a "dead" season!